Short Horror Show Castellbisbal

Last 6 of May, the B-Retina entourage traveled to the neighboring region of Vallès Occidental, where is the 1st celebraba Short Horror Show Castellbisbal, to which we were invited as partners. our contribution (a priceless part of our presence, clear ... we are people with class) It was carried out as two of the most representative works of the spirit of our festival: Marc Martinez Caradecaballo Jordan and Artichokes Prehistoric piranha Javier Lozano Sánchez Abyss, which they served to slacken the environment after the projection of the frantic Into the Mud (Pablo S. Pastor) y You’re Gonna Die Tonight (Sergio Morcillo). The day the complete presentation short S N U F F, whose technical team has members of staff.

A crowded room augured a great future for this exhibition of works of fantasy genre hopefully give much to talk.

Long live the horror movies! ¡Larga Life on Other Short Castellbisbal!

Photo: MURFI PICS (www.facebook.com/murfipics)