Lamberto Bava in the B-Retina

How you read it! If confirmation Demons It was not enough, We will have your head in the B-Retina! Everything an honor!

Lamberto Bava is known for his long career as director, producer, mounter and scriptwriter. further, This gift comes from family being the son of the late director Mario Bava. Among his many works, we can highlight the film will project him, read Demons (1985), Demons 2 (1987), Unrest in Cemetery (1987), Ocular testimony (1990), Princess and the Pauper (1997), among many others.

Besides their presence honoring, Entry will receive Gold as honorary award for his career. A part, if you have material collector or any of his work in physical format, you can chat with him, make you pictures and ask for his autograph. Do not miss this great opportunity!