Postponed the sixth edition of the B-Retina

The curse of the 666 affects B-Retina


The team that we form the Cornellà B-Retina Series B Film Festival we have been working on the next edition of the festival for several months surrounded by an esoteric aura, having direct contact with Satanism and the occult. In the end, the sixth edition of the festival bears the mark of the beast, he 666!

For this sixth edition, we were immersed preparing a great event. It is a theme that gives a lot of play: we had extended the festival from three to six days and had very powerful passes and guests planned. Undoubtedly, the imminent edition entailed a great growth of the festival. But due to the current health emergency situation, where uncertainty is palpable day by day, we only have to make a very painful decision: lthe sixth edition of the Cornellà B-Retina Serie B Film Festival is here POSTPONED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 2021

For our part, only to say that we will continue working on this sixth edition in order to be able to be held next 2021 and we want to take advantage of this inconvenient situation to offer you a much juicier B-Retina where we can count on your presence.

Stay tuned to the networks!